United Nations Development Project

It is a great pleasure for me to offer this letter of reference on behalf of Pacific Medicare and in particular for Mr. Dennis Mundy.
Pacific Medicare has been the sole provider of First Aid courses and Pre-Hospital Emergency Care as well as medical equipment for UNDP Pakistan during my tenure as UNDP Sub-Regional Security Advisor for South & West Asia. Mr. Mundy has not only provided solid training packages, but he has adapted his existing packages both to meet the UN required syllabus and to ensure our specific needs with respect to trauma in Pakistan, an active war zone, are met.
Mr. Mundy presented programmes to a multilingual and multicultural community while ensuring that cultural issues were also considered. He developed programmes that ensured active student participation in a positive learning environment, ensuring that our staff members working in high risk environments are trained to a high standard. Pacific Medicare adapted all their courses to provide this instruction, while adhering to international and UN standards. This high level of training is essential as we have diverse areas, some are remote and others which have exceptionally high risk of war-related injuries. Relevant scenarios and teaching tools were used in the delivery of all courses and members enjoyed the approach of the instructors. Without fail, students enjoyed the training and came away feeling confident in the skills that had been imparted.
Our organization is in the process of developing a long-term procurement agreement for medical training services and equipment and Pacific Medicare will be at the top of the invitation list to bid. Although Pacific Medicare has until now only provided services to our agency in Pakistan, there are efforts underway by other regional countries to utilize their services.
I heartily recommend Pacific Medicare as a medical training service provider.
Best regards,
Beverly Aisha Toomer
Subregional Security Advisor
UNDP South & West Asia
Islamabad, Pakistan