Specialised courses for environmental conditions and risk factors

Since 2009 Pacific Medicare has been running courses for United Nations Offices. This has been undertaken in regions such as Pakistan and Papua New Guinea and includes the likes of IOM, UNDP, UNDSS and WFP. We have also supplied trauma kits and supplies that are integrated into the training. Critical to success is delivering courses which are highly skill based, using realistic – in country scenarios and latest in training tools. In addition we:

  • Train on site using Pacific Medicare trauma kits of available equipment
  • Training is delivered utilizing a combination of theory, practical workstations, scenario exercises and assessments throughout. Scenarios are tailored to reflect likely environmental factors. PowerPoint presentations using a data projector enable wide audience visibility, and this is backed up with scenario assessment cards
  • Every participant receives a First Aid or PHEC manual for their own notes and reference

Throughout the course participants are assessed on their competence and confidence level. Skill development sessions are designed to have all participants working fully autonomously during practical scenarios. Work stations are created so that participants can work in groups or pairs to role play and work through practical scenarios. This places both the responsibility and the opportunity for each participant to fully engage in the training at all times. This also aids in ensuring that full comprehension and understanding is achieved particularly in groups where English is not the first language.


At Pacific Medicare we have the experience and resources to recognize one standard course will not fit all of our clients needs. In fact all our courses are built form the ground up not just subject to minimum requirements – such is the case with our UN courses.

Many of our clients have specific factors in their work place that make course tailoring essential to ensure their staff remain safe and in control of their own environment. We ensure that we deliver course content that is relevant, experiential and enjoyable for maxiumum buy in and practise.

Our courses have taken into account the following criteria in the past:
– Work place remoteness and the time factors this creates
– Poorly resourced local emergency services
– Multi faceted risk factors in and around work environments such as water height factors.

If you wish to tailor a next course to meet your specific needs contact us to explore the possibilities