Pacific Medicare courses stand apart through our emphasis on practical based scenario skills training and educator delivery. We strongly believe that learning first aid at any level should and can be exciting, stimulating and inspiring. Our courses are highly practical, we use the latest skills and technology available and we tailor our course content to meet our client’s needs and environment.

Pacific Medicare trainers are experienced practitioners in the field of emergency care as well as skilled educators. All our courses have specific outcomes and proficiency requirements.

We have a Work Place First Aid and Work Place First Aid Refresher course in Tauranga each month held at the Tauranga Coast Guard Centre and other courses  at various times nationwide . Contact us to find out more




At Pacific Medicare we have the experience and resources to recognize one standard course will not fit all of our clients needs. In fact all our courses are built form the ground up not just subject to minimum (unit standard) requirements.Many of our clients have specific factors in their work place that make course tailoring essential to ensure their staff remain safe and in control of their own environment. We ensure that we deliver course content that is relevant, experiential and enjoyable for maxiumum buy in and practise.

Our courses have taken into account the following criteria in the past:
– Work place remoteness and the time factors this creates
– Poorly resourced local emergency services
– Multi faceted risk factors in and around work environments such as water height factors.

If you wish to tailor a next course to meet your specific needs contact us to explore the possibilities



Look at combining team building with valuable practical skills.
We can tailor a course for your next conference, or team meeting based on practical first aid content. We have delivered emergency care and pre-hospital courses to provide action packed challenges with team building exercises that are not only enjoyable but also highly educational for upskilling.

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First Aid relies on someone arriving soon to take over and deliver a higher level of emergency assistance to eliminate life threats and promote recovery as soon as possible. Pre hospital emergency care is that assistance. In many places where Resort isolation and remoteness is a factor, or the country’s infrastructure is unable to provide emergency care services, the liability of duty of care rests heavily with the Resort.

Emergency Care is essential to maintain life in complex situations when trying to stay within the ‘Golden Hour’

The Golden Hour is a defined time where without comprehensive medical support within an hour, seriously ill casualties will have little or no chance of recovery.

Pacific Medicare courses are designed around the primary aim to provide staff with the capability of delivering the necessary emergency care assistance when, and as long as required.

Duty of care is increasingly becoming an expected criterion for the travel & tourism industry. First aid is just that!! It merely provides a small stop gap in a chain of medical assistance. But what if that chain is weak or non existent?

In some cases duty of care has been found lacking by the host (in knowing the local emergency services are inadequate to international standards).

By training staff to narrow the perception between the tourism industry and what is actually in place, resorts not only demonstrate a high quality duty of care but provide a much needed and appreciated level of care their guests will recognize and come back to because of piece of mind.