Suction of fluids is an inevitable process when water or food are involved prior to or during trauma

Bag mask equipment

  • Reduces further chest trauma by preventing over inflation
  • Provides a secure barrier against rescuer-victim infection
  • Comes in reusable and non-reusable sets (non-reusable is strongly recommended for clients without proper sterilising equipment)
  • Adult, child and infant sizes available
  • Our preferred brands are well tested in out door environments
  • Silicon construction,  latex free
  • Pocket masks with case
  • Capacity to deliver at least 98% Oxygen for resuscitation
  • New Zealand and Australian Resuscitation council compliant

For all shapes & sizes

Bag mask use is essential in resuscitation

Latex free Silicon construction

MVP Manual Vacumm Pump

FERNO² MVP (Manual Vacuum Pump)

  • The most effective manual vacuum pump around.
  • Designed for use on Adult and child and for the harshest of environments, the FERNO² MVP allows for one hand use.
  • Its easy squeezes handle begins to work the second you squeeze the handle delivering 550mm Hg of vacuum pressure.
  • The manual vacuum Pump assembly is reusable and easy to clean.
  • The disposable collection jar is easy to install and is designed to minimise cross contamination

S-SCORT JR #2400 & 2403 series Battery powered Medical Vacuum Pump

  • For the team that needs the most compact high quality vacuum assistance there is.
  • Well balanced easy one hand use
  • 300cc collection capacity with Hydrophobic filter 99.98% bacterial effective
  • Exceeds 500mm Hg suction pressure
  • Vent regulator on canister allows suction reduction to 120mm Hg for
  • DC power battery operated with 30mins (#2400 series) to 3hrs (#2403 series) battery life
  • Weighs only 1.18kg or 2.6LBS
  • 3 feet of tubing with Hi-D suction n tip (part # 2480-36) optional

Pacific Medicare supplies both manual and powered suction equipment.
Our independent fluid vacuum solutions mean your Oxygen is only used for Oxygen therapy and not wasted on suction
No resuscitation should be carried out these days in the South Pacific without bag mask equipment

Other Resuscitation equipment supplied:

  • Oropharagneal airways
  • Laryngeal Mask air ways (disposable) all sizes
  • Endo-tracheal tubes and sets