Refresher Course duration will vary with each course

Pacific Medicare is one of the few companies that recognize most work places exist within their own unique environment. Consequently Emergency care and safety management training must suit.

With free consultation we can tailor a course to recognize the specific risk factors that fuel crisis and injury in your environment, and train your staff accordingly


Road Side Emergency Care

In this course you will learn and experience essential skills to cope with road side accidents, safety and trauma management, and will address issues related to people who travel on New Zealand roads extensively.

The course is based on practical scenarios and hands on training, all to New Zealand Resuscitation Council Standards.

All Equipment provided including Mini Emergency Skills Prompter manual.Some activities will involve little or no equipment.

Alpine Emergency Care

This course has been designed for Alpine Professionals with the responsibility of care and transport management of injured in an extreme environment. Tailored for terrain and resources, this course integrates factors that are unique for each situation faced.