Often further trauma is caused to the patient by poor transport equipment and execution. This trauma usually means longer hospital stays and the potential for compensation to be sort.

Consider the following factors:

  • Often there has been further injury to the victim during transport
  • Victims are heavy – easily dropped
  • Broken/old/inappropriate stretchers or carrying devices
  • Often the act of fast transport takes priority over safe movement practices in return causing further injury
  • By placing the victim through poor transport practices the risk of exacerbating SHOCK increases
  • Any body in a state of diminished consciousness should be transported with aid

Pacific Medicare Staff have had extensive experience in the transport of victims using equipment.

We can recommend the best equipment for your specific needs from the following factors:

  • Proposed function
  • Environmental factors
  • Resort / work place design and structure
  • Trained personnel
  • Type of client/casualty

Talk to our staff if you wish personal service at no extra cost

Extrication exercise Mt Ruapehu Ski Patrol New Zealand. Stretcher: Furno Model 71S

Extrication exercise Octopus Resort Yasawa, Fiji Islands. Stretcher: Traverse Rescue split.

Furno 71. Spinal Board fits comfortably within stretcher

Traverse Rescue Titan Split Basket Stretcher


High density polyethylene shell provides a light weight, chemical and environment-resistant stretcher the resists rust and corrosion and is unlikely to snag on obstacles during use

  • Comes in one piece (71) or split two piece (71-s) configurations
  • Tubular aluminium frame is permanently fastened to the shell to ensure maximum strength and rigidity of the stretcher
  • Moulded runners and hand holds allows stretcher to be easily handled over rough terrains
  • Closed-cell foam pad is attached to the stretcher bottom for patient comfort and is resistant to stains or body fluids
  • Four two piece patient restraints have quick release buckles and is easily adjusted
  • Built in Brass grommets for safe and effective razing and lowering distances (Lifting Bridle extra)
  • Stretcher profile is deep enough and wide enough for safe transport of patients up to 272kgs,
  • Has enough handholds for up to eight stretcher bearers
  • Easily and safely supports patients already strapped in a spinal back board.


For the team where the strength and durability of the stretcher is never to come into question!!
The Titan Split Tapered Basket stretcher features one of the strongest, most efficient connection systems available. Complete assembly of the stretcher requires less than 10 seconds approximately. The stretcher comes standard with four patient restraints and black durathene netting and is constructed of stainless steel tube. Size: L 212cm x W 60cm x D 18cm, Weight 16kg.


The Scoop EXL is a molded high density polypropylene stretcher having additional features to those seen in the traditional aluminum Model 65 Scoop Stretcher. It is ergonomically designed from high strength aluminum and precision moldings providing light weight with considerable strength. With the specially designed twin safety locks uncoupling one or both ends of the Scoop EXL is achieved quickly and easily. Additionally it can be split into two pieces. The materials used are resistant to corrosion, heat, cold and body fluids. Having seamless construction cleaning is easy. With the additional quick release patient restraints it is also possible to immobilise a patient using the Scoop EXL. Min L 165cm, Max L 202cm, Folded L 120cm, W 43cm, D 7cm, Weight 7kg, Max Load Cap 150kg.


Model 107-C Combination Stretcher/Chair has fixed wheels at both ends to allow the 107-C to be rolled like a chair or loaded into a specialty ambulance or mobile medical cart. Fixed foot-end posts help stabilize the stretcher when used flat. Folding handles at both ends provide a grip, enabling the rescuer to carry the 107-C as a standard pole stretcher. Three-position adjustable backrest enables the rescuers to place the patient in the most comfortable position. Folds in half for compact storage. Model 385-F Fabric Combination Carrying/Wall Case is available as an optional extra. Size: L 185cm, W 51cm, D 62cm, H 135cm, Weight 11kg, Load Capacity 159kg.


The 2041 Carry Chair has all the features of the Model FWE2040, but is 2cm narrower & has 2 additional wheels to assist with manoeuverability in confined spaces & aisle ways i.e. buses, trains & aircraft. The chair was developed after consultation with leading Ambulance Ergonomists, support for shoulder and feet, along with comfortable hand grips at both foot and head end, make this chair comfortable for both patient and attendant. Folds compact for easy storage. Available with optional carry case. Size: L 126cm, W 39cm, H 91cm Weight 8kg, Load limit 160kg.