Lifeguarding around water is one of the most difficult tasks for all. It makes good sence to stock and use the right equipment. Often there is no second chance.

Pacific Medicare represents the full range of essential Life guarding equipment. With over 28 years experience in all areas of Aquatic based Life Guarding; Pacific Medicare takes the guess work out of sourcing the right gear for the right environment.

Rescue Tubes

The Rescue Tube accounts for a majority of all close shore rescues in Australasia
Light weight and stream lined they super seeded the life buoy over 15 years ago. Unlike life buoys, rescue tubes:
Are designed to be used on all sized patients
Used to secure unconscious patients
Can be towed by one or more lifeguards (with training).
Can support up to 5 persons (with training),
Can be used to retrieve patients from deep water (with training).
Stream line profile allows for resistance free towing to patient saving precious time
Unobtrusive storing near pools, beach areas and water areas.
Pacific Medicare can sign write rescue tubes for easy identification.

Designed to wrap around all body sizes
50 inch & 40 inch options

Deep water rescue at 3m

Capable of Rescuer and Patient support
Easily used on unconscious Patients

Throw Rope

Rescue Boards

The biggest challenge with most South Pacific Resorts is that they have coral reef areas that are hard to excess swiftly and quickly in times of emergency.
Rescue boards:
Have a draft of 10cm
Can support up to 6-8 people whilst other help arrives,
Can be used to extricate unconscious or exhausted patients (with training).
Pacific Medicare can tailor your Rescue board’s colours, and signage (e.g. RESCUE EQUIPMENT – RESORT STAFF USE ONLY)

Throw Ropes

Throw ropes are emergency recognised visible self contained, floatable rope systems designed for quick and easy use in boat to victim or pool’s edge to victim, or boat to craft use. Recommended length is around 15m and can be supplied with bayonets for quick securing.

Other equipment sourced and supplied to order:

Inflatable rescue Boats (IRB’s)
Surf specialized water bikes