Refresher Course duration will vary with each course i.e.: a Work Place First Aid refresher will be 6 hours and a CPR refresher can be 2-4 hours.

Pacific Medicare offers a full range of refresher courses complete with the latest information updates bundled into an exciting format. Why should refreshers be boring!

All refresher courses should be undertaken within 12 to 24 months of completion of any PMC course to ensure currency and minimise deterioration of skills gained. If the refresher is done annually, the course duration will be ½ the original course duration. Courses refreshed bi-annually will be the length of the original course unless arranged otherwise.

All refresher courses will cover the relevant core competencies of the original course, new and revised information and relevant client concerns.


  1. Basic First Aid
  2. Work Place first Aid
  3. Electrical Courses
  4. Surf Life Saving First Aid All Levels
  5. Basic Emergency care
  6. Intermediate Emergency Care
  7. Advanced Emergency Care Full Day Course
  8. Marine Emergency Care
  9. Road Side Emergency Care
  10. Crisis and Risk Management