Fiji Courses – FNU Grants Claimable

Pacific Medicare FNU accredited courses are designed around the primary aim to provide staff with the capability of delivering the necessary emergency care assistance when, and as long as required. To that end, they are not simply first aid courses; they are much more than that!


  1. All Courses can be delivered on site with flexible hours, this minimizes wasted time for staff traveling
  2. Practical skill development is tailored to the environment and practical assessment becomes a reality
  3. Quick access to beach, sea, and known risk areas/equipment allows for better quality of skill development vs. sitting in a room off site
  4. Specialized equipment can be used by the staff in the appropriate arena. We train on the equipment at the location
  5. Staff know what to use/ how to use it vs. coping with unfamiliar equipment in a pressure situation
  6. All courses are based on a ratio of trainer to 12-20 participants sub to the course itself All courses are based on current New Zealand and international standards:

All courses are designed to build upon each other. Foundation courses are the Basic or Marine Emergency Care. To be then followed with Intermediate and the Advanced Emergency Care courses. All courses include use of a defibrillator and cover deliver of first aid i.e.: CPR etc to all ages (infants, child and Adult). 

Courses Available:

  1. Basic Emergency Care
  2. Marine Emergency Care
  3. Intermediate Emergency Care
  4. Advanced Emergency Care

Click here to download a copy of our FNU accredited Course Summaries

Fiji National University accredited for funding – Grants Claimable A & B and are backed by:

  • New Zealand Resuscitation council accredited – pre-hospital emergency care instruction.
  • Surf Life Saving New Zealand Award standards
  • NZ Mountain Safety Council standards for risk management
  • Pacific Medicare certificates are backed by the New Zealand Resuscitation Council and are accredited for FNU Funding
  • Pacific Medicare is a Category 1 accredited provider registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority