Pacific Medicare Trauma Pack Objectives:
-Carry as few bags as possible
-Minimise confusion of which bag to retrieve
-Contain as much equipment as necessary for trauma care
-Stock only the latest high quality components


The Pacific Medicare Standard Trauma Pack has been the main Trauma pack in use on most ski resorts and life guarded beaches in New Zealand and Australia. . In recognition of the remote aspect of most Resorts, we have introduced the FRODIVE™ oxygen regulator (optional) to create the Extreme Trauma Pack. This gives the pack the capacity to provide oxygen on demand (RM head), essential for your isolation and the ability to preserve Oxygen around the South pacific resorts and recognised by most experienced Diver as the preferred Oxygen delivery regulator. These packs are also in use by the United Nations in various regions such as Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Maynmar and Indonesia
These packs also contain all equipment necessary for base line recordings, major bleeding cases, and minor fractures as well as spinal injuries. The components that make up our Trauma Packs and Kits are of the highest quality from the sterile dressings to the Oxygen delivery equipment, and come with warrantees which we will stand by and honour.
Although separate to the Trauma Pack, the front pocket has been modified to carry most portable defibrillators (AED’s). The ability to pack the trauma kit on your back, allows for hands free transport of equipment, essential when trained personnel are a limited resource. Pacific Medicare supplies and services all components of both the Standard and Extreme Trauma Packs, and will tailor the packs to our clients requests with no extra cost.

Advantages of Pacific Medicare Trauma Packs

  • Back pack hands free capacity
  • Bright red Strong weather proof Pack with padded contour harness
  • Totally portable trauma equipment for all weather and all environments
  • Clear plastic visible pockets for view without opening to limit contamination
  • Double stocked essential non usable equipment. So the kit remains stocked after trauma use.
  • One pack carries all – eliminates the First aid kit confusion and forgotten equipment
  • Capacity to carry Portable defibrillator
  • All equipment can be serviced and supplied by Pacific Medicare
  • Components warrantee covered
  • Trauma Packs come with detail lists for easy re supply procedures
  • All Equipment can be trained on in Pacific Medicare’s TPAF accredited Emergency Care courses.

Pacific Medicare Trauma Pack

Tough Weather Proof Back Pack

Allows for total hands free emergency care

Pacific Medicare Mini Trauma Kit


The Pacific Medicare Mini Trauma kit was designed for a serious first response kit for the New Zealand Fire Brigade (2004). There has been some change to the kit to suit the south pacific resort environment. Capable of sustaining serious medical emergencies untill further assistance arrives. The Pacific Medicare Mini Trauma Kit is great for off Resort day excursions where local medical support is inconsistent or not up to guest standards.
The bag has a hard plastic lined bottom to withstand rough handling and has ample room for portable radios to be stored. It also opens completely for easy excess.
The Pacific Mini Trauma Kit can also be supplied in clear dry bags for operators who expect to get wet.
A tailored version of the mini kit is used by the United Nations with a focus on technololgy such as WaterJel packs and the emergency bandage to counter local environmental injury risks.

Advantages of Pacific Medicare Mini Trauma Kits

  • Choice of tuff red hard plastic inner lined bag or clear plastic dry bag
  • Light weight
  • Contains comprehensive components for most trauma events
  • All equipment can be serviced and supplied by Pacific Medicare
  • Components warrantee covered
  • Mini Trauma kits come with detail lists for easy re supply procedures