From Bandages to body bags, we supply and service all your equipment needs.

Don’t get caught out by ordering emergency care equipment over the internet from companies who offer nothing but cheap deals! Pacific Medicare takes the guess work out of risky orders that don’t live up to your expectations:

  • Medical supply relationship with International suppliers’ Frontier Medical allow us to offer high quality yet cost effective equipment that is backed up with service and supply arrangements.
  • Medical supplies – via International supply relationship (Frontier Medical) – supplier to NZ Hospitals, NZ Army, Fire service and Pacific Rim organizations
  • All equipment warranted, and quality assurance managed
  • All key staff has recently or are still working in emergency care industries

Pacific Medicare saves our client’s time and stress by sourcing and constructing emergency care trauma kits tailored to the needs of different environmental and situational factors. We also recognize the need to replace or update existing trauma kits. For that reason we offer the following equipment as individual items.

Trauma Packs and Kits

Resuscitation Equipment

Oxygen Equipment

Lifeguard and Marine

Stretchers & Transport

Bandages & Dressings

Equipment available for emergency care, rescue and training includes:

Life guarding equipment – i.e.: rescue tubes, vests, Rescue boards
Pacific Medicare represents the full range of essential Life guarding equipment. With over 28 years experience in all areas of Aquatic based Life saving Pacific Medicare takes the guess work out of sourcing the right gear for the right environment.

Base Line recording equipment including Stethoscopes, Sphygmomanometers,
thermometers pupil tourches, as well as;

  • Bandages/ dressings/ minor first aid requirements
  • Oxygen equipment
  • Bag mask units
  • Fracture splint packs
  • Stretchers and Spinal management equipment
  • Extrication, immobilization and traction equipment
  • Trauma & Emergency care Packs
  • Automatic Defibrillators
  • Mannequins and training equipment

There has been a shift to cheap unrealistically performing manikins in the training world. Pacific Medicare recognizes the importance of realistic yet cost effective training using top quality manikins. Through using trainers and staff who are still involved in the emergency care industry, Pacific Medicare recommend and represent the following Manikin range when providing realistic yet cost effective training Manikins.